WebTransfer AG : Terms of Use

  • This service shall not be used to send illegal, racist, violence glorifying, pornographic or business-damaging content.
  • This service shall not be used to transfer private data.
  • Please use a confidential password for each transfer (see optional password to download the files).
  • Confidential data must be send in encrypted form.
  • The files transferred will not be backed up and will be deleted after the specified period.
  • All transactions will be logged to ensure traceability. The log files can be evaluated to reveal any abuse of the service. Abuse will be prosecuted.
  • The data, which is logged, includes in particular:
    • the time stamp of the upload/download
    • the IP address of the sender/recipient
    • information about the device and its operating system (browser footprint)
    • information about the approximate geographical location (geolocation)
    • the email addresses
    • the name and size of the files
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